The Conall Clan, Book 6 – New Secrets

It’s here – New Secrets! And on the anniversary of the first book in the series – Don’t Look Back

The 6th book in the Conall Clan series – New Secrets – is now available for pre-order! And all six are available on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time!

When an unknown half-brother arrives in Sweetwater, a whole new set of problems accompany him, putting Megan and others in danger. Can Lou find it in himself to accept this new sibling, in order to keep everyone safe?


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Excerpt –

So, this was Sweetwater. Home of the famous Conall boys. It didn’t look like much. Why in all hell would a Territory Alpha—one as strong as this Lou Conall was purported to be—pick a backwater hole like this for his headquarters?

He might be foolish coming here. Regardless, curiosity had won out. Adrian, the old sot, had been drunker than he’d ever seen him when he confessed his secret past. He probably wouldn’t live long enough to regret the lapse. Surely cirrhosis would get that last surviving liver cell soon.

Axel didn’t care much either way. He wouldn’t be going back. If Adrian drank himself to death, fine. Any affection he might have felt for the old man was a distant memory. Adrian had beaten it out of him years ago. Only bad memories remained. Although Axel had never understood the beatings, this new information made things clearer.

He hadn’t emerged Alpha or Beta–not like Adrian’s other sons.

Maybe every father wanted that. Axel wouldn’t know. He had no cubs and liked it that way. So what if his father was disappointed in him. The feeling was mutual, besides when was Adrian ever sober enough to know?

Axel made his way back to his beater of a car and crawled into the backseat. It wasn’t comfortable but funds for a room were lean and this was warmer than sleeping in the woods. Anyway, he wasn’t ready to make his presence known yet. This would do until he finalized his plans.


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