The Conall Clan, Book 1 – Don’t Look Back

My latest series, the Conall Clan, begins with Don’t Look Back. Megan Sullivan is trying desperately to escape her stalker. When Detective Wesley Conall suggests she move, at least temporarily, to Sweetwater, North Carolina to disappear, it sounds like a plausible idea.

Lou Conall, Sheriff in Sweetwater, is less than enthused when his cousin foists a victim on him, but he can’t say no to a woman or child that needs protecting. This one shouldn’t be that much of a bother and no way could her stalker track her to this location. 

At least that what he thinks until he meets her . . .


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Excerpt – 

Where the hell was this woman Wesley had foisted on him? Lou couldn’t contact her, which bothered him on some level. She was coming to a strange place, on roads she hadn’t traveled before, and it was nearly dark. A woman alone should have a phone in this day and age.

Lou wanted to head home. He had business besides the local sheriff’s office to handle. He’d give her another thirty minutes, then he was leaving. Dispatch could reach him if she arrived before he went on his nightly patrol. Megan Winchester wasn’t his problem, at least not yet, right?

Lou sank back in his chair, knowing he couldn’t leave until she got here safe and sound. She was already his responsibility. She would live temporarily with Miss Wanda. Hopefully that would be a win-win. Miss Wanda needed a little help around that big old house, as well as someone to look after and give her some company, and this Megan needed a place to stay.

He glanced at his watch again. He’d planned to patrol tonight. There was no threat as far as he was aware, but he needed to keep on top of things. He could always get Brent, his brother and beta, to make the sweep, but he liked the assurance of seeing for himself that everything was secure around this small place he called home. None of his lieutenants had reported any major problems in his territory. Minor problems were a constant, but they could be handled internally.

Lou heard the door of the station open, and a tentative voice spoke. “Is Sheriff Conall here?” It wasn’t a large office. In any case his hearing made every word clear. The aroma of her wafted back toward him. It was intriguing, a hint of cinnamon?

Lou took a deep breath, and headed toward the front desk.

He rounded the corner and stopped dead at the sight of the woman standing there. This close, her scent assailed him. Yes, cinnamon and . . . that had to be her scent. He could barely hear her heartbeat, which had quickened when she spotted him, over his own. There was a glint of gold in her hazel eyes. She could fit under his arm. His body tightened and part of him responded at the mere sight.

Holy shit, there was no way, no way in hell! But there was no mistaking it. He’d never felt it before, but he couldn’t take his eyes from her. He moved closer to the counter to attempt to hide her physical effect on him. He was in actual pain from his body’s swift and unwelcome reaction.

His lifemate? Fuck!

The Conall Clan –

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