The Conall Clan, Book 4 – Budapest Fairy Tales

Book Four in The Conall Clan


When Marcel begins his tenure as Territory Alpha to clean up after Eric Davis’ devastating reign, he heads to Europe to oversee the dismantling of Eric’s holdings there. While in Budapest he makes a life changing discovery and learns what Lou, Brent and Wesley Conall already know

Jacquelyn has been in hiding for a long time, escaping what her corrupt Alpha wanted for her, but now that could come to an end, if she can still believe in Fairy Tales . . .


Excerpt –

Jacquelyn Caron entered the bedroom and immediately her shoulders slumped. Once again, Adah had disappeared. How the hell did she get away this time? She was human and should be no match for Jacquelyn.

She would have laughed at herself for thinking this would be an easy job, if she didn’t have to face tracking the old lady down again.

How did that woman manage to get past her? It was beginning to feel like a contest, and Jacquelyn was losing.

Jacquelyn had her scent locked already from previous incidents. She began her search, hoping Adah hadn’t actually left the house this time.

That hope was dashed, after she was unable to find the woman anywhere. The cold weather should have kept her from walking far, so she must have called for a car. Jacquelyn had only been in the kitchen a few minutes. Adah had planned her escape carefully. Merde!

She stepped outside. Yes, Adah’s scent ended just down from the stoop. What a handful that woman could be! After nearly a year Jacquelyn had learned to adapt, however the irascible old biddy was tenacious when she wanted something. Even though Jacquelyn needed this job and the anonymity it offered, she had also grown fond of the woman, and was concerned about her. She needed to find her. Where would she go?

Jacquelyn hurried back to Adah’s bedroom. What had she been stewing on this morning?

There were papers spread out on the petite escritoire in her bedroom. Jacquelyn took a seat at the desk and began shuffling through them. She’d been looking at photos of the painting that had been stolen from her family all those years ago.

That damn painting! Adah was obsessed with it and had been like a bloodhound tracking it down, finally finding the thing. Her attempt to retrieve it had been brushed aside by the current owner. Jacquelyn had seen the man only once. She’d been stunned to realize he was a shifter and a strong Alpha. He’d treated the old woman like dirt beneath his feet. He knew Jacquelyn was shifter as well, and yet he neither acknowledged her nor responded to her automatic salute to an Alpha. He basically ignored her presence, acting as if she wasn’t standing there behind Adah.

Gods, she couldn’t be planning to confront him again, could she?

Jacquelyn jumped to her feet and raced to her used Mini Cooper. She knew the way to his estate. It was a place to start. She didn’t feel confident that the Alpha wouldn’t harm the elderly woman. Something tainted about that particular Alpha raised her hackles.