Something for my Long-Time Fans

Wanted to let you know that The Guardians of Now Series is completed! Another Time, book one is free from April 10-14, 2020. This series is published through SoulMate Publishing and my editor is Char Chaffin – yep, THAT Char Chaffin. Click on the covers for more info. Check it out!


I had one of you ask if I still wrote Mulder, so I thought I’d share the answer here as well. I’ve never stopped – Davd Palfy in Rth Rising and Mitch Byers in Learning Trust are definitely based on him, but David Morrow in The Melting Series  is Mulder, no disguise (and you’ll see a lot of Scully in Amanda). So if you enjoyed After the Future . . .


I have not been able to figure out how to post a new story on my old X-Files webpage – ask Mimic my limitations there, so here’s the tiny little story I woke up with the other morning — I’m as spoiler free as possible (damn hard!) but did see one of the trailers, so here you go….


There She Is Again


I’ll see her in a few minutes. It’s been a while since I saw her in the flesh. That’s the way it had to be. We decided… No that’s too definitive a word, it just worked out that we were better apart.

She wanted stability, to be away from the weirdness… therefore I had to go.

It’s been okay. There were always things that someone of my background and training could do. Alcoholism, a medium in a circus, maybe selling roadside souvenirs near Roswell.

I managed to avoid all of those and just kept a low profile. I didn’t stalk her but I always knew where she was. I made it easy enough for her to find me if she needed to. Of course she is trained FBI, but I made it easy anyway.

She hasn’t served me with divorce papers yet. But she could have been busy.

Why the hell are my feet dragging now? I have an excuse to see her, a legitimate one and surely she knows that I’m coming. Still no contact, but like I said, she’s probably been busy.

I just wish my hands would quit shaking.