Something for my Long-Time Fans

Survivors is live

My thanks to some old friends for this one – Mimic, Ravenwald, Wyncliffe, Kimmy, Sally, Tess, Char, Carol and of course Robin. That’s not all of you, but you know who you are why this one is for you…

Just for the fun of it I re-read Her Son, one of my alternate universe stories. I rewrote it a few years back and turned it into a novel (non-Xfile-the names were changed to protect me) called Small Changes.

Wanted to let you know that The Guardians of Now Series is completed! Another Time, book one is free from April 10-14, 2020. This series is published through SoulMate Publishing and my editor is Char Chaffin – yep, THAT Char Chaffin. Click on the covers for more info. Check it out!


I had one of you ask if I still wrote Mulder, so I thought I’d share the answer here as well. I’ve never stopped – Davd Palfy in Rth Rising and Mitch Byers in Learning Trust are definitely based on him, but David Morrow in The Melting Series  is Mulder, no disguise (and you’ll see a lot of Scully in Amanda). So if you enjoyed After the Future . . .


I have not been able to figure out how to post a new story on my old X-Files webpage – ask Mimic my limitations there, so here’s the tiny little story I woke up with the other morning — I’m as spoiler free as possible (damn hard!) but did see one of the trailers, so here you go….


There She Is Again


I’ll see her in a few minutes. It’s been a while since I saw her in the flesh. That’s the way it had to be. We decided… No that’s too definitive a word, it just worked out that we were better apart.

She wanted stability, to be away from the weirdness… therefore I had to go.

It’s been okay. There were always things that someone of my background and training could do. Alcoholism, a medium in a circus, maybe selling roadside souvenirs near Roswell.

I managed to avoid all of those and just kept a low profile. I didn’t stalk her but I always knew where she was. I made it easy enough for her to find me if she needed to. Of course she is trained FBI, but I made it easy anyway.

She hasn’t served me with divorce papers yet. But she could have been busy.

Why the hell are my feet dragging now? I have an excuse to see her, a legitimate one and surely she knows that I’m coming. Still no contact, but like I said, she’s probably been busy.

I just wish my hands would quit shaking.