Unknown Tasks, Book 2 – Decoding Corruption


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Brandy and Jason have a new task, related to the first one but with big ramifications for Jason. With Jason’s best friend, Curly gone, his sister, Angela no longer has any family. Now the people that are after Jason, are watching her to ensure she doesn’t disclose anything she might have learned about the ambush that took Curly and forced Jason on the run.

Jeffrey Osborn, Special Agent with the FBI, is dragged back in to assist them, and when he spots the lovely Angela, he’s more than willing to help. However, the man behind the ambush is a bigger fish than any of them anticipated. Will Brandy’s new skills meet the challenge?


Excerpt – 

Angela Clark looked over her shoulder again. No one was there that she could spot, but she could still feel eyes on her, watching her. It was creepy and this was the third time in a week she’d felt it. The thing was, there could be no reason for it. A duller life would be hard to find since she’d moved to Richmond permanently, but the feeling persisted and had for days. She especially hated walking from the car in the parking deck to the door of the apartment. Even though she was parked on the same level as her place, the sounds echoed, and the lighting sucked—bright in one area, non-existent in another. The garage was open to the elements, but it still got dark early enough to be a problem and the concrete pillars could hide someone easily.

At least she wouldn’t be walking into an empty apartment. Working as data entry for an insurance company didn’t pay well enough to get her own place. No way would she go into savings. Especially since this job felt fleeting.

Hell, everything did now.

The place was nice enough, two bedrooms, one bath but two sinks thank goodness. The whole apartment was painted off white or eggshell or dove or cream, whatever it was called this year. Her bedroom suite from home fit nicely in the smaller of the two bedrooms. The familiar bedroom set, and a narrow bookcase made her feel more at home. She’d brought in some color with the bedspread, greens and purples in a swirl design, and the small green chair that sat in the corner. The closet was almost adequate.

It was a temporary situation until she could begin to feel again, if that ever happened. Her emotions were in hibernation and had been for most of the past couple of horrible years, though most especially this last one. Having a roommate after living on her own had been a blow to the ego. There were upsides though. She’d found Stacey and their living arrangement was working out well for both of them. Stacey’s boyfriend, Greg, was close by but not in the apartment with them, so Angela had some privacy when they went out.

She didn’t go out. Still mostly numb from the last few months, she wasn’t interested. Distantly she wondered if she ever would be again.

Angela and Stacey didn’t resemble one another. Angela had long dark brown curly hair, while Stacey was blonde with straight, sleek hair. Angela’s frizz made her jealous of that. If she’d kept her hair short it would have been as curly as her brother’s, but she and Stacey were the same height and wore the same size. In fact, living together had expanded each other’s wardrobe considerably.

Today Angela just wanted to get inside, kick off her shoes, have a glass of wine, and discuss this irrational feeling of being stalked.

As she approached the apartment though, she slowed. The door stood open. That wasn’t like Stacey. She was usually more cautious than that.

Angela approached guardedly, looked inside, and gasped. What the hell!


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