– A Collection of Christmas Stories

I have combined these five stories into one volume so you can buy them all  or buy them individually – Robert did an incredible job on the cover. I love the Easter eggs scattered around.

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Working Christmas

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It’s not going to be a festive holiday. Angie hasn’t even bothered to decorate. She’ll be alone and that’s fine. She can catch up on work and ignore what’s going on around her.

Kurt can’t get home this year. He’s low man on the totem pole at work. It might be a little lonely, but not that big a deal. Until he sees the collision that might just change his life.

Hey, it looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas at least.



Moe’s Christmas

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Moe hasn’t taken time to think about his lack of female companionship for a while. When his cousin, Noah, finds the love of his life, it awakens something in him.

Kim is recovering, from being shot at a mall on Black Friday, from a disastrous marriage, from being separated from her sons. And it’s Christmas.

When these two people meet, the possibility of life making sense again might make this a great Christmas after all.



Christmas With Family

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When Symone finds herself unexpectedly in custody of her confused and frightened four-year-old niece for Christmas she knows she has to make it work. Symone’s sister had to get to her husband, injured in Afghanistan and in critical condition. Rachel is left in limbo with only a few days ’til Santa comes.

It helps when Blake, a friend of her brother-in-law, shows up to try to make it a merry Christmas for Rachel but Symone doesn’t know the man or the history he’s hiding. And she’s not interested in another holiday with the wrong guy. Can they save Christmas for the child they both love?


Christmas PresentChristmas Present

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Reconciled to a lonely Christmas, Shelly Sullivan throws herself into running the gift shop she and her best friend, Julie own. Her best friend has just gotten married and won’t be there, Shelly’s family is all gone, but it will be okay.

Then an ice storm blows in a stranger, looking for her best friend. Her missing brother, Kent shows up too late for the wedding and with nowhere to go and no money to get there—on a motorcycle no less.

Alone together they both began to heal in time for Christmas.


Nowhere For Christmas

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When Jeannie’s car dies in the middle of rural Virginia, she’s just about ready to cry uncle.

That’s before Ron shows up to give her an unexpected lift in more ways than one. A temporary job, a place to stay and a real life Mrs. Santa Claus are a lot more than Jeannie thought possible.

Maybe it will be a Merry Christmas after all.