Changing Hearts – Book 1 – Hearing the Change

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Hearing the Change is the first in a new series- Changing Hearts! Contemporary this time, rather than paranormal, hey I can try new things… Live on April 5th.

Dylan has no time for a relationship, even one her older relative dictates. She’s learning the corporation she will eventually head and that’s enough, until she steps off the elevator and see the new guy who moved in next door.

Nash’s military career is over, due to an explosion, but he has a job now with friends at Sutton and Associates and new place to live. He can heal there and work from home. Then his new neighbor steps into the hall…

Excerpt – 

Dylan stepped off the elevator outside of her place, more than ready to kick off her shoes and relax. It had been a long day and she was more than ready to sluff it off. She had even taken the time to stop in the lobby of her building to look at her dad’s portrait. That had helped. It was on the wall next to Granddad now. Great-aunt Lucille’s picture wasn’t on the wall, not yet, even though she was running the company currently. Such placement would be Dylan’s responsibility after Lucille was gone no doubt.

It was a good portrait of Dad, but she’d so much rather have him back. She would run the company one day, for him. It would have been better to do it together.

She stopped short at the sight of the chaos and mess that confronted her in the hall outside of her apartment.

Flattened cardboard, bubble wrap, and paper wrappings were piled high outside the apartment next door to hers. The place had been unoccupied for a couple of weeks while the company cleaned it. Looked like she had a new neighbor. At least she didn’t see a drum set or any brass instruments thank goodness. Before she could get to her door, the other one opened and a man stepped out.

Okay, yes, she swallowed hard at the sight of him. Damn, did they really make them like that? Tall, well over six feet, military short dark hair, and all muscle. The t-shirt covering his chest showed his pecs off to great advantage. Had she ever seen an honest-to-god six pack not air brushed before? There was no way she could get her arms around his chest. Not that she’d ever have an opportunity to try. She took a mental step back.

He looked up and gave her the most adorable sideways grin which transformed his face from slightly scary to mischievous. There was even a twinkle in his dark eyes. “Sorry. I’ll get this stuff out of here as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry about it. Moving is a messy business. I’m Dylan, I live there.” She pointed at the apartment next to his. Their doors were next to each other, so his place was a mirror image of hers. Good, their bedrooms were on opposite ends of the apartments because a man who looked like him would no doubt have lots of overnight company.

“Nash.” He held out a hand and she took it, though it engulfed hers. Wherever he came from, they grew ‘em big. Did she hear a slight southern accent? She couldn’t stop herself from wondering how large he was everywhere and mentally slapped herself. This was no way to think about a new neighbor. Even a hunk like him.

“Let me get this out of the way.”

His packing material wasn’t encroaching on her door yet, but it would be soon if he had much more.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you around.” His devastating sideways grin was back, and her next thought was ‘player.’ Damn good-looking player. Yeah, a lot of overnight guests. And she couldn’t blame them.

Snap judgment, Dylan, she chastised herself but met his grin with a smile of her own. “I’m sure we will,” she offered as she stepped inside.

She let herself in and with a last glance, closed the door behind her.

And sank against it.

Damn, he was pretty. Okay, pretty wasn’t nearly the correct word, but looking at him at been no hardship at all. If thugs took over the neighborhood, she was planning to huddle behind him. They’d never see her. Too bad she didn’t have time to pursue something with him. Nope, he was a neighbor in any case, too close for that kind of thing. And she was pretty sure she wasn’t his type. Why did strippers and pole dancers immediately come to mind?

He had however brightened her outlook at the end of a long day.

She kicked off her shoes and headed for the kitchen.

As far as she was concerned, the neighborhood, already nice—despite her aunt’s opinion—had just ticked up several notches.


Now that was a perk Nash hadn’t been expecting.

Just the sight of her had lessened the headache which constantly plagued him these days. The damn thing had grown in intensity while the guys were here, growing to a major throbbing by the time they’d left. They had been a big help with moving his stuff and he was grateful, but they kept forgetting and their volume would rise. He had no crutches or sling, so his injury continually slipped their mind. When Clint had yelled for Stu to get him another beer, he hadn’t been able to hide his wince. Their commander, now boss since they were civvies, Tom, had gotten them out of there pretty quick after that. The lessening of volume had helped but not as much as the sight of her. And he’d heard her distinctly. Her voice was in a good range and the tone was perfect.

Nash added another flattened box to the pile. Dylan huh? She wasn’t wearing a ring and it was a one-bedroom unit. Yeah, he noticed. He’d noticed her body as well, so sue him. He was also glad the guys had already left before she arrived. Otherwise, they might never have left.

She was probably taken, regardless of ring. Look at her. There was an air of sophistication in a business-like way about her, and she was wearing a suit. Pencil skirt, he thought they were called and a matching jacket in a nearly purple shade of gray. The suit didn’t hide the curves, but it didn’t draw immediate attention to them either. Nice and classy. Her dark brunette hair was up in one of those French twist things. He wondered for an instant how long it was and what it would look like spread across his pillow.

She’d smelled good too, nothing overt. At first, he wasn’t sure he was even scenting perfume. Like the outfit, she smelled classy.

The neighborhood had just improved by magnitudes.

He could afford more, he’d even thought about buying a house, but why bother. Staying here for now gave him freedom of movement. He didn’t want to have to look after a yard. The thoughts of the sound of a mower caused him to shiver. Besides, he needed to give himself some time, both to heal and to get accustomed to civilian life again.

With Dylan next door, this place might be just what he was looking for. She might even have some friends for his friends, for when he decided to venture out again. Personally, he wanted to get to know her better before any of that became an issue. Clint for instance was always looking for his next conquest, and usually found her.

He lugged an armful of the packing stuff down to his SUV. No need to mess up the place further and make a poor impression.

When the hall outside the door was cleared out, he returned to the mess inside the apartment, and grabbed a slice of the rapidly cooling pizza. Enough for tonight. Organization would happen, eventually. Groceries weren’t something he’d had to think about buying lately. He’d handle that tomorrow when the place wouldn’t be crowded.

Book 2 – The Family You Choose coming soon!