This is what I do for Christmas – I’ve been making these ornaments for years, the college roommates have quite a collection.  I love doing it, and I can’t snack while I’m sewing – always a plus.

Wanted to share since everyone is sharing their baking and recipes, and I can’t do that. When my kids start coming home with their kids and want a meal they grew up with, I’ll be placing Happy Meal boxes around the table.

The one above is mine for this year and at the bottom is the crop for this year.








4 thoughts on “Ornaments

  1. Didn’t even get a tree up this year but my Santa is hanging on the latch to the ladies desk so all can see!!!! One great thing besides a gift made with love (thanks D!) is that storing them is a breeze–no breakage or bulky wrapped ornaments. (I finally figured out where your blog is!)

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