Accounting for Evil

Accounting for Evil is live!

Book 3 in the Unknown Tasks series is now available at Amazon

Jason is a true part of the team now. He’s the lead in this latest task, rescuing an abused woman and taking down a dirty cop.  He might not have all of Brandy’s abilities, but he has her and the trust of her trainers. Now he just has to allow himself to rely on them and see what else he can learn…

Excerpt –

Jason watched Brandy head back into the bedroom. He did feel like more a part of the team this time. If she was correct about him being the lead, that meant they—the aliens that had trained her—were beginning to trust him, and he would not be hiding in a car during whatever takedown ensued. It would probably always be unnerving to him for her to receive the information about these tasks she was assigned. It had helped him accept things better when he met the other two Terrans she’d been trained with, Nat and Kip, and spent a little time with them. He knew Brandy missed them since they’d returned to their part of the world to continue their own work.

Terrans—now there was a different concept when he allowed himself to think about it.

He wondered in passing if he and Brandy would ever get to visit Africa or Asia to spend time with her friends, as a tourist rather than how he’d seen those areas previously.

After cleaning up the kitchen, he joined Brandy in the bedroom. She broke the connection on the phone as he entered. “We got the house.”

“You bought a house?” He stopped in his tracks. They’d never discussed finances, other than that thousand-dollar prize he’d won playing scratch-off at her direction. That had led him to believe her and afterward he’d just gone along. Something else he needed to follow up on. He didn’t want her to have to be the only earner in the family.

He wanted to contribute. The insurance payout for the business that no longer existed had come to him, as the last one left alive. The families of everyone else had finally received their benefits as well. That had been part of the completion of the task. Those funds needed to be invested, but that was for later.

“No. It’s a fully furnished rental and at a very specific location. It just became available and it’s part of what we’ll be working on.”

He only nodded. He’d get more information when she did, probably on the drive to Ohio.

Baked Goods and Decoding Corruption are also available at Amazon.


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