Armed Services Day

First, my thanks to everyone in the Armed Services.  Welcome Home cover

I grew up with veterans, WWII seemed to be the main topic of conversation around every meal I had with the extended family (Thanksgivings, Christmases, Easters, etc.). Certainly came in handy for history class. But I loved my veterans, still do.

Then came my war and they weren’t so beloved, but thankfully the tide has turned again and people once more appreciate the sacrifices of our too young men, having to grow up way too fast and make split-second decisions in situations where I couldn’t decide after a month of studying it.

These men and women are real heroes and I’m delighted to be able to weave them into stories as my way of saying thank you. I actually hadn’t realized how many times I had chosen them as my fictional heroes but they so easily fit my idea of the wounded warrior, whether or not any injury shows. I wish them all health and happiness today.

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