Very Special Release Day – Alien Embrace

I’ve been writing professionally for over three years now (Many, many thanks Rebel Ink Press!) and today I’m trying something new – becoming a hybrid writer. Alien Embrace is available today at most eBook retailers.

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Alien Embrace is a story I’ve thought about for a long time, written and added to off and on for ages. With retirement I was able to give it the attention it deserved, and I’m finally ready to share it.

First my thanks to Wyndell Earles, who helped me immensely with the cover – took him about twenty minutes to do what I had struggled with for several days. I bow to his expertise! And to my trusty beta readers (you know who you are), my editor and my model for the cover. Yes, I know I bugged the crap out of all of you, but hopefully you still love me and will do it again next time.

To avoid spoilers, I’m giving you a small excerpt and hope it drags you in…


The door opened, the sound waking Lori. She opened her eyes a slit, not remembering when she had returned to this room. She must have drifted off while they ran their tests. They must have returned her here, and left her to sleep. Had she slept through the night? What day was it? She had been in a long tube, and there had been that awful sound.

This man was younger and something about him caused her pulse rate to increase. Did she know him? He did seem familiar. He was taller than the previous man, and a lot younger, with more hair—thick and dark and flopping over his forehead. His body was much more attractive as well, no paunch hanging over his belt like the other doctor. This man had muscles, broad shoulders and a flat abdomen. At least her short-term memory seemed to be working if she could remember things like that.

He looked like the kind of man she would want to know, if that meant anything at this point. Yes, he was very attractive physically, but he also seemed kind and caring. Of course that was nonsense. She had no idea what he was like.


Mark Greene stopped short of the bed, not wanting to wake the woman. Dr. Jacobi had asked him for a consult on an amnesia patient. There’d probably been no need to come in today, but he didn’t have plans until this evening. Dr. Jacobi had said ‘young lady’, which didn’t mean a lot. That could be anyone from twelve to thirty.

What the man hadn’t said was “beautiful woman”. She was apparently tall, judging from where her feet tented the sheets. Her hands were graceful with long, slender fingers. His eyes moved up her body. The well-washed hospital gown molded to her full breasts, and left her graceful throat and neck bare except where her hair fell.

Her hair was long and pulled back in a low ponytail. The color was brunette, but not merely brown. Dozens of shades of brown wove through with some strands of red and even gold blended in. His eyes continued to move up, taking in her full and luscious lips. She was wearing no makeup, but her lashes lay long and dark on her cheeks. He startled when her eyes opened, then stepped forward involuntarily. Her eyes were teal—not blue, not green, but a combination of both with a hint of gold at the edge of the iris. He’d never seen eyes like hers.

He forced control on himself, but was stunned at the depth of his interest in this woman. He had never seen anyone like her, but he was an adult and a professional. Where was this, hell, this desire, coming from? Still, he could not deny his attraction to her. He could do a quick consult, and then have her assigned to another psychiatrist, if treatment was indicated. That would be the correct way to handle this.


I’d love to get the ball rolling, so I’ll be giving away three (3) copies – just share this (Facebook, Twitter, wherever) and let me know about it with a comment.  Thanks guys!


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