Back from New England!

I need to set up a new Pinterest page for some of my WIPs with the incredible pictures I took. Even took some selfies of me with my hair blowing.


Went with the girls, you’ve heard about them lots of times, but this was the 50th anniversary of our meeting, so we went bigger.


I’d never been to New England, but now I’ve been to Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island. Regret I didn’t get to see Stephen King’s home (it was a bus tour and I wasn’t driving), but I did see Alice’s Restaurant and the Breakers and that incredible New England coast. Had my first sailboat ride, and feasted on lobster and clam chowder. And since The Conall Clan – had to take a pic with a wolf…




Not much writing done on the trip, but tons of inspiration now that I’m back home and can  get back to the laptop!!

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