Beach Trip 2017

      Not exactly the relaxing, sitting on the beach and reading or writing vacation. It was much better than that. Our first vacation with the grandson! The first of many I hope (son and daughter-in-law were there too!)

He was so much fun and I think he and his Granddar bonded well. I was good for an early morning cuddle, or to make the iPad work, but Granddar was the reason the sun came up in the morning. Haven’t seen Hubby play like that in ages. Running up and down, squealing and growling, and wrestling (rassling actually). 

Also got to see Angry Birds three times.

I miss the old Pavillion at Myrtle Beach. Some rides have been moved out to Broadway on the Beach, but it’s not as good as I remember it from taking my kids. Nevertheless, he enjoyed riding the rides that were there. Got in some putt-putt golf (I got 3 hole in ones!) but watching him was adorable and the most fun. And the sand castles . . . He and Granddar really got into that.

The ocean was intimidating, but we jumped waves up to his knees! And he was only bowled over once. The pool was a big hit as well and not nearly as rough.

All in all one of the best beach vacations ever. And I did get a little work done—finished up with the proof for Small Changes, paperback, and worked a tiny bit on my Christmas novella for this year. But the grandson was the best part by far!


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