Birthday Celebration for The Progression – The Melting Book Two

Yep, it’s been a year since The Progression was released and now it’s part of the boxed set for the series.  Melting 2 The Progression flat

Book Two is Megan’s book. She’s not a doctor who can create a vaccine to stop a worldwide pandemic or a scientist who understands what’s happening with the planet as it warms and weather patterns change. She’s a secretary, an office manager who runs things for the powers that be.

Doesn’t sound glamorous, but damn is it necessary. Someone has to organize and plan for the survivors Megan helped to escape from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. Someone has to inventory their supplies and keep the peace in a tight environment (ever worked in a suite with a bunch of other people?) And someone has to ensure that what is needed is there for the people who have become her family.  And maybe there will be some time to explore what could be her future with Jim.

Making it easy – leave a comment for a chance at a copy of The Infection – The Melting Book One. Get started on the series today!


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Melting trilogy box set close up


2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration for The Progression – The Melting Book Two

  1. I just re-read all these books and they are just as good the second time around. I also discussed the science and social ramifications used in this book in my classroom the other day. It led to a very interesting discussion on ‘important’ people.

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