Cassie on the Move


Cassie’s on the move and loving life. Through paint ball games in the woods and water park adventures she gets to know her new neighbors as the new house is renovated. Cassie is traveling too, from trips with just the girls, to conventions, vacations, and cruises with Tom and friends, she’s always ready for the next adventure. But when Cassie begins having dizzy spells Tom thinks a slower pace is in order. Getting Cassie to slow down and take care of herself proves to be quite a challenge. A challenge Tom is more than determined to take on. Cassie-on-the-Move-final


PK’s back –

I began writing the Cassie series in my head many, many years ago. Cassie and Tom are a mature couple – in their sixties now, but still passionately in love. Tom is a most old fashion man, as head of the family, he has no qualms about turning Cassie over his knee if the occasion warrants. Tom may spank for discipline, but Cassie is no submissive. She mostly enjoys the fun, sexy spankings she gets nearly as much as Tom enjoys giving them, and in truth, she not above bratting when she feel the urge. This excerpt shows this side of Cassie.

Excerpt –

Our Sunday school class was having their Christmas party last Thursday night. Tom called to assure me he’d be home in time, still without saying where he’d been spending his afternoons. As it got later I made sure I was all ready, actually not having a lot of extra time might well work in my favor, or so I’d thought.

Tom finally rushed in with a quick kiss for me, and hurried upstairs to shower and change. Poor man, he had no idea I’d been laying in wait for him. I know nearly to the second how long Tom will be in the shower so with everything I needed I strolled in the our bathroom just as he was finishing.

The second the shower went off I made my move. I’d filled the largest tumbler I could find with ice-cold water. Just as the warm shower went off I reached up and poured the ice water over him. Oh my, you should have heard him bellow. I was off like a shot and I didn’t stop until I reached the end of the hall and rounded the corner.

I stole a quick glance round the corner to see if I was being followed. Towel clutched at his waist, dripping wet, and scowling my dear husband stalked toward me.

“Cassie Jane, I’m going to wear you out. What’s gotten into you?”

I know I should have at least pretended to be contrite, but he looked so funny scowling and dripping that I couldn’t stop laughing. With a determined look on his face Tom reached for me.

Still laughing, I sidestepped him, “No, not now. I’m already dressed. Don’t get me wet or we’ll be late. Go on and get ready.”

“We’re going to be late all right.” Tom agreed. With one quick swoop he had me over his shoulder, wetting my blouse and slacks completely.

“Stop, I’m getting wet!” I fussed, slapping him on his back. I thought I’d feel much more powerful being all dressed while he was essentially nude, but somehow it just didn’t turn out that way. Moments later, my wet slacks pulled down I was over his knee and trying to answer his question between yelps of pain and uncontrollable giggling.

“What possessed you to try and freeze me to death?” he wanted to know.

“Stop Tom, I just wanted to get your attention, you’ve been ignoring me lately.” Oh my goodness, wrong thing to say!

“Ignoring you? Ignoring you? What have I been doing every morning?”

Truth be told, Tom had been bringing me my coffee in bed every morning since he hasn’t been working, and often breakfast too.

“And in the evening?” Tom pressed on after I’d answered him.

In the evening’s Tom often gave me a massage before bedtime and then would read to me as I fell asleep. I tried to correct myself.

“I didn’t mean you were ignoring me, I just meant I’ve missed you all these afternoon’s you’ve been gone.” Tom pretty much ignored what I was saying and finished up with some stinging swats. Finally he set me on my feet and tried to suppress a grin at my spanking dance as I tried to rub away the sting.

I still felt a little like giggling at him, but I could help fussing a little. “Look at me. You’ve ruined my outfit, my make-up and my hair. What am I going to do?”

“You’re going to be ready to walk out that door with me in fifteen minutes or you’re going back over my knee.” He told me, his good humor was coming back, but I had a sneaky feeling he was serious too. I could have continued to fuss, but I didn’t have time. I made it, barely. I’m sure I didn’t look my best, but we made it to the party and had a wonderful time. Perhaps I can be a bit of a brat at times, but when you get right down to it, I don’t think Tom minds.

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  1. I am looking forward to catching up on my reading this summer and you know this one is on my wish list. 🙂

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