Division by Leslie Ray now live!

Division – Carefree Series Book 3

Light A Match

Liam Scott thought he had everything he ever needed in his company, but watching his siblings get married and start families of their own has him rethinking what he wants most in life. When an investment company offers to buy him out, Liam jumps at the opportunity to trade in the Mile High City for his Lowcountry roots, and the chance to rekindle an old flame. But reconnecting with his past is the easy part. Getting her to forgive him, however, is proving to be the greatest challenge of his life.

And Watch It Burn

Stella James doesn’t make rash decisions. As the owner of Pebble Creek Plantation, a luxurious event venue, her life is centered around having a well-laid plan. But when her past shows up at a wedding, dressed in a well-tailored suit, temptation and a bottle of pinot get the best of her. What’s the harm in one night for old times’ sake? Nothing…until she realizes the man she thought would disappear for another twelve years is back in town for good, and looking for redemption.

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Leslie Ray is a small-town contemporary romance author and cover designer. Born and raised in the South, she centers her stories around the wonderful memories of growing up in a small-town in the southeast. All the loves, laughs, and quirks that make small-towns amazing. When Leslie is not writing or creating covers, she’s a full-fledge soccer mom. Between her oldest daughter’s school and club teams, and her youngest’s rec team, you can usually find her somewhere on a soccer field or playing free Uber driver to their many practices. Along with her two daughter, Leslie lives outside of Graham, NC with her husband, dog, cat, sixteen hens, and one very evil rooster (who only gets to live because he keeps the predators away).

Wraith’s Heart

In the mood for a modern ghost story? It’s Wraith’s Heart‘s book birthday. 

When Gail Duncan finds herself back in her hometown with no memory and, unfortunately, dead, she’s a little confused and definitely pissed off. She decides to stay close to Ryan Davis, the hunky detective investigating her murder, and the only one that doesn’t shy away from her presence. She’s here and she doesn’t see a way out so Gail might as well try to help out on the case.

Ryan has other problems than this recent murder. He earned his honorable discharge but the past and survivor’s guilt is still with him. He has that anger thing under control, but he’s become detached, used to seeing things only in black and white, so what’s helping him with his investigation. And more important why is his apartment no longer as lonely?

Together they work on the case and learn about one another, and what they can accomplish together, in ways neither had ever dreamed.

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The Rogue’s Ring by Nancy Lee Badger

Nancy’s latest is now available!  The Rogue’s Ring, the third in the Treasure Tales series is here.

The Rogue’s Ring is a full-length story set mainly in 1817 Scotland. The treasure hunt follows The Earl’s Treasure and The Duke’s Diamond. What happens? They find love they never expected to fall into their laps.

An English rogue, a Scottish pirate’s sister, and a quest that ought to keep them apart is thwarted when young boys are kidnapped.

Bryce Ketteridge would never let down his friends. If finding the owners of signet rings was important, he would do his share. Shooting a masked bandit turned his life on end. What followed was not in his plans.

The last thing Cat Douglas wished to do was steal coins from the handsome stranger. When he later shoots her while she threatened a nobleman’s coach, she suspected he had no idea it was her. Kidnapped boys, pirate threats, and murder propel them to save a boy named Blake. He was, after all, special to them both.

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