I’ve been busy…

Not necessarily new books but I wanted to make sure my eBooks are also out in print. I know some people really prefer them and I love to accommodate my readers! Many many thanks to Leslie Ray, my intrepid cover artist! So far I’ve added the following to paperbacks-

Hazardous to the Touch, Red Shoes, Beach House, and now Country Doctor!


I’ve also put the Conall Clan out in paper – and I’ve put two books in each volume!


And now I have two audio books as well (more of those to come as well, I hope!)

Wraith’s Heart narrated by Joshua Michael Gibson and Red Shoes narrated by Tracy Butler – they both did an incredible job!


More coming – working on a new book – Reconnection, and a surprise (to me) novella in the Changing Heart series… and remember my 50th!!! book comes out in September, a sequel to Alien Embrace,  so look for that!

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