Christmas Novella time again!

This year’s Christmas novella is out – All I Want for Christmas and along with it, Volume 2 of my Collection of Christmas Stories.

Noel is not having a great Christmas – after finding her fiance in her bed with another woman, she’s not trusting anything male – they all lie…

Sebastian Michael Scott’s Christmas isn’t any better. He’s supposed to be on a shake down cruise on his new yacht. In addition to the electrical problems, there’s the hung-over soon-to-be ex whining about everything. Why not take his best friend’s advice and grab a ride on that cruise ship? Now if he can keep his identity a secret…

A Collection of Christmas Stories, Volume 1 has a new cover and Volume 2 is now available as well!!


Volume 1 includes – Nowhere for Christmas, Christmas Present, Christmas With Family, Working Christmas, and Moe’s Christmas.

Volume 2 includes – All I Want for Christmas,  Christmas Business,  Christmas Cookies  and two previously unpublished stories – Surviving Christmas, Mountain Christmas

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