Countdown to Red Shoes

Okay, it’s August. Only 17 more days until my new southern small town novella is released (see I can write other than paranormal!) And I found some adorable earrings that go with the theme, so I’m going to be giving away two sets of earrings on release day.

Being as sophisticated as I am with technology (I know where the on switch is), just leave me a comment on my blog and if you hit the lucky number, they’ll be on their way to you.  RedShoes_Cover3

I love the company so stop by anytime – here’s a little snippet from Red Shoes for you –


Barnes & Noble


He heard the door open and a woman’s voice spoke. “Hello?”

That must be Ms. Setzer. “Hello.” He headed into the front office and stopped dead still. She stared at him, her eyes widening. She’d changed clothes. He wasn’t sure it was for the better. The jeans had already distracted him, now she was in a sundress and damn if her legs weren’t as good as her ass. Shit.

“You?” They said it together, but neither laughed.

Of course it had to be the woman he’d almost run over at the grocery this morning. Served him right for allowing himself to run out of coffee. He took a deep breath and stepped closer. To his dismay she took a step backward.

“Please, my car is in the back, so I’m unarmed. May I apologize again?”

She blinked and he thought her shoulders seemed slightly less tense.

“Are you Ms. Setzer?” She nodded warily. “I’m Micah Allen. I know I didn’t make a very good impression at our first meeting, but I really am a pretty nice guy and I rarely speed around parking lots. You caught me on a bad day.”

“Why was it bad?”

“No coffee in the house,” he said.

“Oh. Well, at least you had an excuse.”

He grinned at that and stepped forward again. Uh oh, too much. She backed up another step.

“Yes, well, I guess you want the paperwork on your house. I have it here in my office.”

“Where’s your secretary?”

“Don’t have one.” He was already headed for the other room so she took a couple of steps in that direction. He held out a chair when she looked inside.

What was wrong? She couldn’t be afraid of him for real, could she?

“See? No car. I’m really harmless now.”

Her eyes lightened and she seemed to straighten slightly though she had seemed to scope him out. But she didn’t come close enough to shake hands. In fact she didn’t come all the way into the room until he rounded the desk and took a seat.

With the desk between them, she sat on the edge of the chair. “Will this take long?”

“No. Everything’s done. I was just going to go over the papers with you, in case you had any questions.”

“Good.” She rose to her feet again. “I don’t have any questions.” She held out her hand for the folder.

“Oh, okay.” This was becoming fucking weird. He hadn’t hit her for crap’s sake. “It’s a lovely house. I hope you’ll be happy there.”

“You’ve been there?” She pulled back again.

“I, uh, I drove by it to make sure everything looked all right before the closing. I haven’t been inside.”

She nodded and took the folder. Without another word she headed for the front office and the door. He wasn’t sure whether he should follow her or not. She was one strange broad. Opting for comfort, he stayed where he was until he heard the front door shut, then sank back into his chair. What the fuck?


8 thoughts on “Countdown to Red Shoes

    • Thanks so much!! I’m having a blast and to know you’ve hung in through the learning process warms me! Hope you enjoy!!

  1. Hey, Donna! Looks like a really interesting story — you’ve hooked me all right, lol. Best of luck with the release!

  2. I’m so happy for you! It must be amazing to call yourself an author — so proud of you and the other ladies from BtS who made it! 😀

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