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The Family You Choose – book two in the Changing Heart series will go on pre-order today for release September 5!

Willa has a job and familial obligations. That’s all she needs. Her stint in the military cured her of needing or wanting a man in her life, other than her younger brother. However, this new assignment is intriguing, except maybe for the man assigned to train her.

Clint is happy with his new role now that he’s separated from the military. He’s with his friends, getting the job done under less hazardous conditions. Well, less hazardous until he meets the woman he needs to train for this new assignment.


Willa Landers stepped out the shower and grabbed her towel. The water pressure had been almost adequate this morning. Unusual for this dump. She thought again about cutting off her long red hair, it was thick and drying it took forever, but she didn’t have the time or money to keep that up. This way she could wrap it in a bun and go. At least the place fit her budget and was private. Maybe no one else in the building was up. It wasn’t like she really knew any of them anyway. She’d had a good workout this morning. Saturdays gave her time at the gym that she couldn’t seem to carve out of the rest of the week.

She wasn’t lonely. No time for it and besides, she had Gavin. The people she worked with were enough for the most part. It wasn’t like she spent a lot of time alone here. Just at night.

Her job kept her on her feet more than being in an office, but not quite enough to feel like a real workout. As a security guard at Beaton Industries, Covington Plant, she got in the steps but keeping herself toned was important too.

She jerked when her cell phone buzzed. She had no plans today, other than laundry and housecleaning before she headed over to the rehab center. Please don’t be about Gavin. Looking down at the notice, her heart both slowed and sank. What would Dennis want today? Her supervisor wasn’t her favorite person to begin with. To mess up a Saturday was above and beyond. She forced a smile so her dickwad of a supervisor wouldn’t be able to hear how pissed she was.

“Everything okay, Dennis?”

“Good morning to you too. I need you to come in for a couple of hours.”

“Is there a problem?” She managed not to grit her teeth. “I’m not on the schedule for today.”

“I know. It’s for some special training. That new security group the bigwigs hired is going to put some software into beta testing for us.”

Willa shut her eyes, shaking her head. Today?

“We’re all going to have to take the training.” Dennis spoke again, his voice a little more insistent.

“On our days off?”

“I’ll expect you here in thirty.”

“Make it an hour. I just got back from the gym.”

“Nice. Keep those buns tight. An hour. Be here.” He broke the connection before she could respond, and Willa took a deep breath attempting to hold onto her temper. She liked her job, for the most part, but Dennis kept edging closer and closer to the line. She wasn’t the only female security guard. The bigwigs, as he called them, were great about diversity that way. However, the supervisors for all three shifts were male. One was a nice guy, David, married with kids, daughters, but the other two, Dennis and Greg, were less than ideal.

She better get moving.

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