Cover Reveal! The Melting – Book 2, The Progression

Coming October 10, 2014 –  The sequel to The Infection – The Melting, Book 1

Melting 2 The Progression flat

Change is never easy. Civilization is gone except for small widely dispersed groups. None of this is what anyone had ever thought global warming would bring, those that had thought about it at all. But the Powers That Be are making the CDC into their own little fiefdom.  Connor Nash wants control in Atlanta, he wants a theocracy where women are less than second class and therefore fair game. Meg Adams has to get her people out of there before it degenerates even more.  And when the hell did she get put in charge?

Their escape isn’t as difficult as they thought it would be. The us vs. them dynamic is finally on their side because who would want to leave all that “safety.” No need to keep an eye on the lowly workers, right? But Meg knows that surviving afterward is going to be hard–food, shelter, all the things everyone counted on will have to come from them alone. And who is this Jim Stephens who has tagged along at the last minute? He may seem legit, but is he “us” or “them”?

Now that cold weather is here how are the people they’ve left behind at the CDC faring. It’s winter and even in Atlanta it can get cold. They’re not prepared, who is? The factions that they left behind–men vs. women–are farther apart than ever. And they have no idea where David, Amanda and Joe ended up. It’s hard enough sleeping alone without all these responsibilities in Meg’s head.


The Melting Book 1


 The Melting, Book 1, The Infection available at Amazon,  Barnes & Nobles, and AllRomance



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