Well I got to see it! Not full, didn’t want to brave the traffic for Charleston or Columbia, so we headed to Asheville. Beautiful view and no traffic. We did come up a day early to escape what traffic might be in the way on Monday.  We didn’t have a high tech camera but the view through the glasses was spectacular

It’s just the two of us here in the incredible home of friends who are out of town this weekend. It’s like a mini-honeymoon for us. We did come near here for our honeymoon 38 years ago.

Had a pretty good dinner at Asianna a Chinese buffet. We don’t usually do buffets as we can’t do them justice, but this time we indulged ourselves, then came back and sat on the deck watching the sun go down with a glass of wine.


Today we lazed around waiting and watching the clouds roll in. We did get to see quite a bit, but there were a lot of the white fluffy clouds cutting off our view off and on. The temperature dropped a bit (to a very nice degree) and the light got very eerie. The bugs came out as though it was dusk, so I got a lot of mosquito bites but stayed out anyway.

It wasn’t really quiet here, we could hear cheering and horns honking but everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

We’ll stay here again tonight and go by Bat’s Cave tomorrow on the way home. That’s where we actually stayed on our honeymoon, in a log cabin, and we’d like to see it again.

All in all a very nice mini-vacation. Many thanks to T&K for the use of their home!


P.S. Don’t forget Small Changes comes out August 31!  

4 thoughts on “Eclipse

      • Our “viewer” was homemade. Upside down binoculars stuck through a box lid to make shade and a piece of poster board on the ground. Basically a pin-hole camera with lenses. And to our surprise, it worked!

        • It looked great – our pinhole viewer worked okay, and we did the selfie thing with the iPad but the glasses did the best. Tried to take a pic with the glasses over my camera – meh…

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