Feeling Overwhelmed

I’m using you guys to decompress…

Working under deadline, which is my job and I love it, and that is manageable. It’s the other stuff that’s taking me under. I will make the deadline to get A Different Time out in June!!

Received word yesterday that my uncle, someone so alive and still busy, died while snorkeling during a Disney cruise. He was 83 and obviously not finished. No word on arrangements because of the autopsy, so his body is still out of the country. Disney made arrangements for my aunt to come home. We’re a close family and all are shaken. Have talked and emailed cousins all over the country.

I’m also in charge of programming for my local RWA chapter. That already takes me outside of my comfort zone – remember, writer, introvert. We’re working on our all day conference in October and finally found a venue (who knew so many people got married in October!) and have the speakers-incredible ones that I love-but working with budgets and logistics are not my thing.

A dear friend just moved here, only a couple of minutes away and I’ve been helping her move in and unpack. Reinforces that I ain’t never gonna move again!! I’m too old for this s**t. I’d love to be more help, but see above.

Also, sadly Rebel Ink Press is closing its doors the end of June, so all of my titles are reverting to me. That means I have to re-edit them and in some cases get new covers, etc. to get them back on-line and available. They were so classy about the closing, notifying us six months in advance, but that time has flown. They were the ones who took a chance on a new author and got me going in this strange new career. I’ll miss them.


Thanks guys, I needed this…


6 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. Sorry about your uncle, but I am hoping I can make my exit in a similar manner. Too many of my friends have become too physically or mentally impaired to enjoy their lives, and it sounds like your uncle did this up to the end. There;s till sadness, of course, but also much to celebrate.

    • Do what we did at our recent cousins’ reunion – have everyone bring pictures – or videos, or his favorite recipes – and celebrate his life! You’ll end up laughing more than crying (although cryin’ has it’s place) while you remember just how much he meant to all of you! Our favorite uncle passed away years ago, but he still makes us smile!

  2. Hope taking a moment to blog-vent as helped. You’ve got this and it will soon pass. Sometimes our challenges are just reminders of how strong, resourceful and resilient we truly are.

    Sounds like you come from good stock. My sympathies for your uncle and a wish of peace for your family. May we all be so alive when we pass.

    • Thanks, yes the brothers were the best group of uncles I could have come from – artists all in one way or another. This one in addition to be chief of surgery loved to make the most elaborately decorated cakes of all things. Thank you. (There was one girl among the eight – but she outranked them all in WWII)

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