Final Day at Disney

So sad – I love vacations, especially with Hubby, but we were in Disney World, so off we went.  There’s a new area in the Magic Kingdom that took over Mickey’s Village. I liked the village with the funky cartoon houses you could go in but I guess I was in the minority. There’s been an expansion of Fantasy Land with the Storybook Circus. I’m not a big circus fan, so it didn’t take long to see that part.  But they had added the Enchanted Forest with is Beauty and Beast so that was very good. We got to see  Belles library (as an author my favorite)  Belle's library 2    belle's cupboard

We rode It’s a Small World, for nostalgia and everyone needs an earwig. Then we headed back over to Epcot to see The Land – now that was research for the third book in The Melting trilogy (cover reveal for book one coming soon!) and another WIP – Alien Encounters.  greenhouse

Finally we headed over to Norway in the World Showcase to see if we could find Anna and Elsa, the newest princesses from Frozen (and the strongest!) We missed them but enjoyed nachos and margaritas for dinner outside the Mexican pavilion. It was a wonderful vacation if not especially long. We’ll have to do it again sometime soon. April really is a wonderful month!  Thanks for celebrating it with me (and it’s not over yet!)

Frozen cookie   Darhon relaxing selfie  I’ll learn this selfie trick eventually.  Don’t forget one more bag o’books to be given away on 4/25.  Stop by and say hi!  Rafflecopter

4 thoughts on “Final Day at Disney

  1. It looks like you really had fun. I love the sound of being able to see Belle’s library, but I honestly don’t think I’d want to leave :). I think Disney World is going to be a must see in the future for me.

  2. I wish I could have stayed and looked at the titles, but they were urging us out for the next group. You really should go!

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