Golden Hours Book 2 – Spring Ahead


Available NOW Book Two in the Golden Hours Series

Golden Hours Book 2: Spring Ahead


Getting shot hurts…a lot. But it’s nothing compared to the pain of finding your soulmate and losing her in a sudden accident.

Calder Reade, a USN medic training to be a Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman, gets shot in a 21st century Florida hospital ER. Thanks to the surgical skill of his supervising doctor, he lives. But there are some serious complications when he awakens to find himself in the middle of dinner with his family, only the dining room is in nineteenth century England. Convincing himself to make the most of it, he pursues the only thing he knows he’s good at, medicine.

However, when he loses the great love of his life to a riding accident, he is forced to reassess the direction of his life. Maybe he made a huge mistake in striving to be a physician-surgeon to the middle and upper classes of London society. Perhaps, he should have pursued a career more in keeping with what he’d been trained to do in the twenty-first century.

Heartbroken, Calder joins the Royal Navy as a ship’s surgeon to treat men wounded by battle, or those suffering serious injury from daily service in His Majesty’s Navy. He has no expectation his service will cure his broken heart, until he is shot again and awakens in the same modern ER and staring into the eyes of an ICU nurse, a woman he never hoped to see again.

The fight of his life is not to heal from a gunshot wound but to make his soulmate recognize their connection. This time he will not, must not fail, and he will take any and all help he can get. Even if it means consulting a long-deceased sorceress for the means of re-awakening the love of the woman his heart refuses to let go.

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