Happy 2023!!

Can you believe it’s 2023? I still remember doing the math in grade school to see how old I’d be in 2000. Yeah, I don’t want to talk about that either… But last year was full and almost back to “normal”.

Last year the Unknown Tasks series came out – Baked Goods, Decoding Corruption and Accounting for Evil. There’s more to come hopefully this year. Also, Adah’s Legacy came out – the final in the Conall Clan series. My Collection of Christmas Stories, Vol. 2, including All I Want for Christmas came out. Also the Conall Clan is now available in paperback – two books in each volume.

I’ve got a couple more almost ready to put out for 2023, including Brown Mountain Lights which was originally published in the Hearts of Carolinas Charity Anthology – I’ll do a cover reveal for it and Hearing the Change soon.



On the non-writing side, a lot happened as well. The oldest grandson turned seven and the baby, two. La Daughter finally got her wedding after a two-year Covid delay. I went on the Fall Leaf tour of New England with the girls and got to see states I’ve never gotten to visit before. Had a wonderful time at the HUB selling books, then spent my coldest Christmas ever in Kentucky. Never been in -7-degree weather, much less a -31-degree wind chill, but Santa found us okay!



I’ve also done a lot of counted cross-stitch in the evenings to keep from snacking. Can’t show this years’ ornament because the girls are getting together in January, but here’s some of the others.



Hope 2023 is a wonderful year for all of us and is as productive. I’d love to surpass the launch of All I Want for Christmas – my best yet, thanks to you.  Happy Happy New Year!

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