Happy Spring Break

Well, kinda. It is spring break for my university starting Monday, but we started early due to the next winter storm. My house has at least four inches of snow and it’s now sleeting and snowing as I’m looking out the window.  back yard 2Those big flakes right now!

It’s been a winter like we don’t get down here anymore. I remember snow from when I was a kid–there was the year of the Wednesday snows when it came down every Wednesday and added to the accumulation already there because it hadn’t thawed (missed a lot of school that year! It was great!) And there was the huge snow where I learned to drive Daddy’s car with spiked tires. We had to deliver propane gas for the company regardless of the weather and that was one way to do it. But I don’t think my kids had seen more than an inch or two before we moved to another state more northern than this.

Worked for a university there too and had a forecast for a dusting of snow. When we woke up there were 19 inches of snow on the ground. Couldn’t open any of the doors and the governor shut down the roads to the ire of the university president (who thought he should be governor). Since our yard sloped to the street, every boy in the neighborhood descended on the yard and create a series of snow tunnels they could play in. It became quite an elaborate construction and my daughter could walk along the top. Lasted for weeks. We did not allow anyone to sleep in the tunnels despite the begging.

Nothing like that down here, but it has been impressive this year. Not a lot of people have enjoyed it as I have, but give me freezing anytime over 90 degrees. I can throw on another sweater when I can’t always take anything else off. That said even I’m looking forward to a little warm(er) weather.

Good day to stay inside and read a book.  Stay safe!

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