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Disclaimer – not entirely G rated

In the interest of the continuing dialog on harassment – Had a conversation the other day with a man who just discovered I wrote romance novels. I’ve never made a secret of it, but I guess I’m more open after leaving my day job to write full time, or he’s been living under a rock.

I’m not sure of his motivation—to embarrass me or demean me (he got neither—now that I’m in my “old broad” phase of life it takes a lot to do either). He rambled on, eventually asking me if, when driving through Winston Salem, I enjoyed the phallic symbol along I-40. I’ve had this conversation before, and was ready, but I let him continue for a while taking mental notes (you never know when you’re going to use a conversation for future dialog). When I finally got a chance to speak, I calmly mentioned that I didn’t see a phallic symbol when I drove through Winston, I saw more of a tampon. That shut up him quick and I managed not to laugh. Here’s a picture, you decide.


If you want phallic symbols, you could take Chimney Rock, which we drove past when we went eclipsing, or even the older symbol of the wildcat from the University of Kentucky (they changed it while I was working there because of complaints).



Do you get this kind of conversation? Do people “tease” you because you’re a writer of romance? How do they not know what a major industry it is? I’d love to hear your stories if you’d like to share

6 thoughts on “Interesting Conversation

  1. Oh man, I bet authors get alotta trash talk for what they write….from MORONS! hahaha As a reader I get “attacked” ALL the time on my choice of reading material…..but, I just look at them and say….Jealous? At least I AM reading! hahahahaha

    I, proudly, take my romance books to all doc appts and for tests and to the pharmacy….all places I hafta wait so I read….and I dont use book covers….I like the cover of the actual book itself….and I am not ashamed to read romance.

    fan hugs,
    jo the book ho! hahahaha
    Proud romance book reader since 1969….I know, I know….69! hahahahaha

  2. I figure if people are brazen enough to ask questions such as “is your husband your inspiration for what you write?” I tell them…only for the sex scenes. He really likes it when I write one right before bedtime. No one has ever had the nerve to ask me if I’m kidding or not. Then they also have to wonder if I’m talking about the books written as Laura Browning, or the ones written as Sarina Wilde. LOL

  3. If you think you get comments, try writing spanking fiction. I had a former boss (after he retired) asked if my husband spanked me like the husband did in my books. I told him, of course, didn’t all good husbands? Then I asked him if he thought all murder mystery writers killed people. He hasn’t asked me anything since.

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