Love in the Time of….

Okay, you’re home and quarantined. What now? There are tons of people giving advice. Don’t know that I have any better than anyone else, but I know what I’m doing.

It’s different. It was different when I retired, stayed home and began to write full time. This is a little like that. People are saying they don’t know what day of the week it is. That’s bothered me for some time. When I see others putting out their trash cans, I know it’s Tuesday.

As an introvert, I’m less affected than a lot of people. I like being alone with myself, or with just the Hubs. I also have something to do – write. I realize a lot of people don’t have that so what else is there to do?

In the evenings, Hubs and I have starting actually watching those movies we never got around to. I’ve seen four movies in three days – Bombshell, Thor, The Last Jedi, The Incredible Hulk. I figured it was time to finally watch the Avengers series (in order!) to catch up. There are a lot of Oscar nominated movies I always figured I’d get around to. Why not now? I love that the Christmas movies are back up at Hallmark.

My TBR pile hasn’t been dented in ages so that’s also something I can do. As an introvert, I can enjoy ‘virtual’ people as easily as I can ‘real’ people.

Yes, both of those are stationary pursuits, so I’m also doing my exercise classes on-line. My incredible trainer figured out how to broadcast herself doing our routines, so I sign in and move along with her. Maybe not the same level as I’m used to, but it’s still helping my mood and if I don’t gain a lot of weight – yes! Another activity is spring cleaning. It’s way past time to go through my closet and get rid of things I’m not using. Can’t take it to the women’s shelter right now, but I will soon enough, and I’ll feel good about both helping someone and making room.

Have you always said you wanted to write a book? I know a lot of people think about it. Maybe now’s the time to get down your notes. It can take you away from reality and put you into a creative mood. Same goes for other new pursuits – start that herb garden you always wanted to try or hem those pants that you haven’t gotten around to. I can get my Christmas ornaments out early this year! You might also turn off the news. Remember when news was only on for an hour in the evenings (I do)? It’s too much now, so disengage or turn on a cartoon!



Now obviously I have no young children at home, so I’m trying to remember what we did for Camp Granddar this past summer. We did go to a lot of places and went swimming every day. I’ve never had to home school. That would flummox me completely and my highest praise to those coping with that. I’m encouraging you to share how you’re doing that here as well.

Remember there are free stories on my site – Mountain Christmas and Reunion as well as the flash fiction so indulge yourself!

The first book in my series Rth Rising, The Conall Clan, The Melting all going on sale for $.99 on April 1. And A New Time comes out April 15 (available for pre-order now). All of my books are here for you to check out…

Send me your suggestions – what’s working for you?

4 thoughts on “Love in the Time of….

  1. I’m lucky that my lifestyle preference has always been Contemporary Hermit. But I’m saving lots of drive time, so–

    I’ve started to weed out old paper files, scanning and shredding or boxing for disposal. If the community stops collecting recycling for a time, I’ll still be glad I did it–I’ll just stack the “to toss” cartons in the corner. Might even wrap them in some of that fancy paper I’ve also accumulated too much of over the years.

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