My Summer Vacation

Just got back from a wonderful, and much needed, vacation to the beach for a whole week. For the first time in recorded history, we had no children with us. Face it, we have no “children” anymore though I suppose I will always refer to them that way.

Could not have asked for better weather – mid 80’s all week and it didn’t rain at all. Every morning I got to walk the beach before it got too hot, then I would sit out under the umbrella (I don’t tan and gave up trying a long time ago) and read, listen to the water, feel the breeze and visit with Hubby. A dip in the ocean or laps in the pool then I’d go inside for the heat of the day. I always laughed as I was heading in while everyone else was heading out.

Afternoons I reserved for writing and editing, and I got a lot done. “Finished” up a novel I’d been working on – though that’s a relative term and there’s lots more I need to do after I let it sit for a little while. And got started on a new idea that has been so much fun, if more research than I’m used to. No spoilers!

It was just what I needed. To sleep late and let a scene play out in my head before getting up. To stay up late and scribble that last little bit before it escapes. Knowing all the while that I didn’t have to get up and go to my “real” job and force myself not to think about that scene because that’s not what they’re paying me for.

How do you relax and recharge? A trip to the mountains? A picnic? Letting the laundry go one more day? Attending your local RWA meeting? I’m already clamoring for that next week off!  Leave a comment and be entered in the 4th of July Hop, and stop by for the full list of participants!!

7 thoughts on “My Summer Vacation

  1. i have ADD so having a vacation where i do NOTHING don’t work for me. what works is having a week where i can do activities i don’t normally do like visit museums, go to zoos or science centers. fun stuff like that 🙂

    • My boss is like that – he has the best time running around but in a different direction – it really does relax him. It would wear me out!

  2. Sounds like you had great weather. As far as recharging goes, so much depends upon my mood and finances. I love going to Kansas City for a weekend. There are a lot of museums and other fun things to do and see. I would love to be able to do a beach vacation but with side trips to various attractions. I’ve done that a couple of times in San Diego. My ultimate favorite trip is going to the greatest city in the universe–London, England. However, that doesn’t happen nearly as much as I’d like it to.

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