New Release – Lifemates!

The third book of The Conall Clan is now available. This is Wesley’s story, cousin to Lou and Brent and the reason Megan was even in Sweetwater, North Carolina to start the saga.

No mating, even lifemating is simple, but when Wesley discovers who his lifemate is, there’s more than a little angst. Clarissa?? Won’t Lou love that…

Come check out the Conall Clan and be aware, books 4 and 5 will be coming soon!

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Clarissa Johnson might be the sister of a Territory Alpha but she’s always been a wild child and rumors abound. One is true, she was banished from Lou Conall’s territory. With that hanging over her how can she function has her brother’s matriarch, or even show her face in shifter society.

Wesley Conall, a detective in Chicago, is only going home to see his cousin and Alpha, Lou in the formal mating ceremony to the woman Wesley sent to Sweetwater for protection. He plans to kick back and enjoy seeing old friends and spending time with family.

Plans are what fall apart when life happens.


Books 1 and 2 – Don’t Look Back and Family Ties also available at most eBook outlets!


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