October 3

changing color

Are you enjoying crisp fall weather where you are?  It’s great here – wearing a sweater in the office and it smells good.  Seeing more leaves change each day as I commute in.  Makes me want to curl up with a good story with some pumpkin flavored drink.

Have excerpt 3 for you today and a chance to win a copy of  The Melting, Book 1 – leave me a comment



Excerpt 3 – Book 1

CDC, Atlanta

“Chip, glad I caught you.” Steve sounded anxious, never a good sign.

“Barely. I need to get a cab if I’m going to make my flight.”

“That’s why I called. You need to head to San Diego.”

“Are you kidding me?” He had plans for tonight. Kristi was coming in from Ghana and they were supposed to have at least three days together. At least this job was never boring. He could use a little boring.

“Nope. We have four deaths from what appears to be a virus. A pair of newlyweds and two people from her office.”

“Airborne?” Now Steve had his attention. Chip, or Dr. Ken Kyzer if you went by his diploma, was a senior investigator for the CDC, this was the kind of thing he’d studied for.

“That’s what we’re thinking. Dr. Turner wants you on the ground today to get all the information you can.”

“Turner, huh? So you’re thinking viral. At least it’s not a jungle, right? Okay. Any arrangements made?”

“I’ll make sure everything is sent to you. Your flight’s been booked. I’ll have your hotel by the time you land.”

“Look, if you hear from Kristi, tell her this was your fault.”

“Will do. She might even be joining you there if we get any more reports. Everything we know will be on-line for your eyes only.”

Chip paused. “How bad are we talking?”

“Use precautions. One of the people in the office of the bride had a compromised immune system. She died the day after the newlyweds. It’s nasty.”

“Great. I’ll be in touch.”

The Melting Book 1


4 thoughts on “October 3

  1. I’m definitely not ready for cold weather. It was nearly 80 yesterday. Right now it’s a rainy 68 and dropping all day to 39 tonight. Tomorrow a high of 46. I think I would like a year-round 65-75 temperature. It can snow on Christmas but must be gone by the day after. 🙂

    I’m really enjoying the excerpts. The series is going to find a spot on my book shelf very soon.

    • I admit, cold is more to my liking. Believe me when I say no one wants me to take off enough clothes to get cool, but sweaters are my friend. Thanks so much!!

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