Okay, Let’s see what happened in 2023

Well, important stuff first, I got to see the grandkids several times. Since they live 7 hours away that can get iffy at times. Held our annual Camp Granddar and attended the 3rd birthday of the youngest and 8th for the oldest. They’re both growing like weeds so I need to step up my visits. We had a great and crowded Christmas with them! Got to keep the granddog a couple of times, which helps me keep my weight down with the walking!


Finally got to see some performances at the Tanger Center and got season tickets. Have seen Le Miz, Chicago, and Aladdin so far. Hadestown is up next!

Did some more counted cross stitch (not as much as 2020 and 2021 but more interruptions now)


Got new floors for the condo, new HVAC system, and replacement windows for the bedroom.

Published four books – Brown Mountain Lights, the Changing Heart series –Hearing the Change and The Family You Choose, and Home for Christmas. Wrote a few more that are in various stages of editing and I hope will be out soon. The third in the Changing Hearts series – Growing the Change and Survivors should be out next. I also released my first audio book – Wraith’s Heart!


A few got new covers as well – Red Shoes, Hazardous to the Touch and Christmas with Family.


My everlasting thanks to my Writer-2-Writer crew that helped with this process and wrote a few books themselves – Division by Leslie Ray, Homegrown by Laura Browning, Two Wishes and The Cuckoo by CL Hadyn.



Other new books written in 2023 I’d like to highlight are – Return of the SunRunner by Linda Sedgwick, The Rogue’s Ring by Nancy Lee Badger, Shambling and Shadows by Samantha Covington, and The Whisper seriesWhispers in the Dark, Whispers in the Night, and Whispers in the Wind and Unwrapped in Love by Linda Tiffin



Here’s hope for a great 2024!

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