What Do I Read?

Hope a lot of you got that eReader from Santa, so I thought I’d answer that question. First, have you looked at my review page? The short answer is everything. Even I didn’t realize how wide ranging I was until I looked back at it.

Yes, my favorite for as far back as I can remember has been science fiction, but I branched out into fantasy years ago. I finished The World of Time series by Robert Jordan a few months ago.  I took a year and read the Gunslinger series by Stephen King, then picked up the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and started at the beginning again. Such worlds to get lost in . . .

Now I’m concentrating a lot on Romance – Regency, Highlander, Women’s lit. A lot of that is because I know these authors, but I’m also learning so much from them. I love the flow of the voice, the weaving of the plot or the turn of a phrase.

It’s different reading now. I read for enjoyment, fun. If I learn anything, that’s just gravy on top. But the thing is, I do learn every day. It’s kind of like going to plays now. For years I just sat out front and enjoyed the performance. I paid no attention to anything else. Then La Daughter became a professional stage manager (got a degree in it!) and boy did that change my point of view. Now I know how quickly they rush to change scenery, how heavy it is and how they ensure that special prop is exactly where it should be. I even catch the lighting cues and shift in music.

I guess I’m just no longer complacent. I can see the inner workings of books that way too and I’m delighting in it.

What am I going to read next? It’s anyone’s guess!  Books  

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