Release Day – Dance Partner

This short story came about as a request for the Love Is Blind stories. I’m hoping an anthology is in the future for these stories!  Everyone can learn a lot about themselves when they really look at who they love.  Dance Partner cover  012014

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This one was a true pleasure to write. I hope you enjoy!

Excerpt –

Wendy’s sleep was restless so she allowed herself to sleep late the next morning. It was Saturday and she’d made tentative plans to meet Chloe for brunch and shopping but she was in the mood for neither.

Damn it, why was she still thinking about him? She’d probably never see the man again. She didn’t even know his last name and she doubted he frequented dance clubs. Why did that sink her mood even lower? She’d never be able to dance with him.

Why had he been staring at her?  Clearly he hadn’t want to talk.  Had she made a fool of herself on the dance floor? Her skirt was short, but others had been shorter. Maybe it was her hair.  She’d always known people noticed redheads.

Wendy wondered what had happened to him.  But what did it matter? She was an idiot and needed to get her act together.

When she finally connected with Chloe, her first question was. “What was the name of that guy that Cheryl was dating?

“Gary, wasn’t it? He was at the club last night. I’m sure I spotted him.”

“Yes, Gary. Know his last name?”

Chloe shook her head. “You interested?”

“No, but he left with a guy I’d like to see again.”

“Girl, if you didn’t meet him last night, he’s not worth meeting. You were hot last night.”

“Did I make a fool of myself?”

“What? No! Did something happen?”

Wendy shook her head. “The guy Gary was with didn’t seem that impressed.”

“His loss.” Chloe sniffed and Wendy smiled, but it was halfhearted. Why did she think it was her loss?

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