Rth Rising

Can’t believe I’ve been a published author for 3 years today!  Thank you so much Rebel Ink Press, for taking a chance on me!!

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Here’s a little excerpt –

Kat was surprised to find a personal invitation from Head to the enforcer graduation in her gimp. Of course, all students were always invited; but she had not attended last year. She would be graduating next year, so it made sense to go this time. She knew most of the graduates from Centerport and the celebratory party afterward would give her a chance to meet enforcers her own age from the other ports.

Head gave a short speech and distributed the small pin all enforcers wore. The uniform was what identified an enforcer to the rest of the population, but the pin was always displayed on the lapel of the uniform jacket. She would be proud when Head pinned hers to that uniform; but would she ever not have a microsecond of thought about what might have been?

The ceremony was short. Afterward, everyone moved to an even larger gathering room for refreshments and to congratulate the graduates. Kat took a cup of punch and hung around the edges. Head had asked her to be here, so she wanted to be sure to speak to him; but she never enjoyed this kind of thing.

She spotted Head across the room and began making her slow way through the crowd in his direction, stopping to speak to the graduates she knew. She had never realized all graduates came to Centerport for the actual ceremony. It made sense—who wouldn’t want to receive their pin from Head? But it meant a lot more people than she expected. All of them seemed to want to speak to Head, which made for slow going.

Something caused her to look up and she spotted the man, officially now her supervisor. He was smiling, really smiling. That was a different look on his usually stern face. He was speaking with a young man. The younger man wasn’t one of the graduates. He was already wearing the uniform; but he couldn’t be much older than her.

Head laughed at something the younger man said. Kat took a closer look. She couldn’t see his face well from this angle; but she could see the body. Nice, frakking nice in fact, with a tight butt and broad shoulders. He could be a poster boy for enforcers with that physique and easy manner. The conversation with Head didn’t seem to intimidate him. His longer dark hair was barely regulation. She could almost hear Head now, demanding a haircut in the near future, and smiled to herself at the vignette.

Something about the easy grace of the younger man drew her; but after a moment, she shook it off. She wasn’t interested, she reminded herself. Someone who looked like that would definitely be calling out Bree’s name.

She winced to herself at the thought. Get the frack over it! It’s over. It happened and nothing can change it. It needs to be in the past. However, the thoughts of having to be introduced to him by Head caused her to pause. As though fate were on her side for a change, a number of people moved toward the two men, causing the line to grow. She used that to make her escape from the crowd.

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