A Series!

Yes, I’m excited! I just signed the contract for my eighth (8th!!!) book with Rebel Ink Press. And this one is the first of a three-part series. The Melting (working title) is Science Fiction with romantic elements and some paranormal touches. I’ve wanted to write this one since I visited the glaciers on an Alaskan cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary. See marrying him has all kinds of benefits!  glacier

I always wondered about these series, but I hadn’t tried one  before.  It’s nice to be able to develop what had been secondary characters to a more prominent level. I already know the people and to delve into what makes them tick is compelling. In other words, I might try this again in the future.

Amanda and David consumed me at first – that’s the first book but I felt Meg begin to tug on me to give her a story. When Jim appeared, the story was there, I just had to get it down. Now Rachel is demanding her story and she’s very demanding. I hope I can do her justice. When I get the dates (and the covers) you know I’ll share.

In the meantime there is that short story coming out February 3 – Dance Partner. No, these guys aren’t in there and it’s a totally different kind of story, but enjoy and I’ll get back to you when I come out of major writing mode and have Rachel all settled!  Dance Partner cover  012014

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