Some Positives in 2020

2020 is gone but there were highlights… Thought I’d mention mine in order to make you think about yours!

Had some books come out – Rth Home in February, A New Time in April, Hazardous to the Touch in September, and Christmas Cookies in November. Fewer interruptions helped there.


We went to Disney World with our grandson in March, just before the world screeched to a halt, so our timing was good. He turned 5, so this was a birthday trip for him, his dad and his Granddar. Had a wonderful time!


We also welcomed a second grandson this year – see there were some great positives – and we’re thrilled with all our boys.

The wedding that was planned for September was postponed, but I already have my dress, so I have to maintain my weight for another year. Good incentive, right?

Yes there were changes, I got quite proficient at Zoom and have a minimal commute to my exercise classes, but I kept them up! You can also do Weight Watcher meetings this way, which I did. One of the things I’m proud of is getting some old projects (both writing and my counted cross stitch) done – remember no snacking!



Start the New Year out with me – Book 6 in the Conall Clan series – New Secrets – is out today!

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