Thankful for You

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Thankful for You Hop

This is a thank you to my fans, the people who have made my dream come true. I am now writing full time. I’ve written since I was a little girl. No one read any of that, it was only for me for two reasons – 1) it wasn’t good enough to share and 2) I was too scared to share it even when I thought it was good.


Gradually I grew some courage (thanks Hubby) and began to share (sparingly) and eventually because at least some people liked my stories, I did really put myself out there. I admit I have a tendency to write what I wanted to read and couldn’t find—Strong Women. I’d read too many stories in the “too stupid to live” category and I knew women weren’t really like that. I had too many role models that proved my point. So I decided to concentrate on those stories that cropped up in my mind. You’ll see that more often than not it’s my heroines who save the bacon of my heroes, or at least share equally in the task.

Becca - Learning Trust                       Nikki - Red Shoes               Rachel - Melting 3

Learning Trust                    Red Shoes                          Cohesion – The Melting Book 3

As a thank you I’m giving away a couple of eBooks from my back list. Just leave a comment here on the blog of what you’re grateful that you’re finally able to do and share the fun (click on that red comment stamp at the top of the page). Be sure to check out all of the other authors and their giveaways as well.

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14 thoughts on “Thankful for You

  1. Didn’t you have a little sister? Don’t think your early work wasn’t read by anyone – ha! So glad you get to write full time. I hope to some day!

  2. I’m thankful that…I’ve finally moved to a new house! :)) It’s been a long time coming because of the delays to construction in the past two years, but phew. Wouldn’t have survived the move without the seriously rockin’ people in my life.

    Awesome on taking the leap and now being able to call yourself a full-time writer!

  3. I am thankful that my surgeries went well and I am still walking, for my husband and daughters, and for authors that give me an escape from chronic pain with their books. Thank you for being an author!

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