Two Years

As of October 7, I have been a published author for two years. Rebel Ink Press wanted my story. Actually the book, Rth Rising, did not come out until March of 2012, but I had a signed contract then and butterflies wreaking havoc with my insides. Rth Rising cover (Custom by CB)

One of my best memories of that is going to the Hearts of the Carolina’s conference that weekend.  The incredible Cherry Adair was our speaker and I went out to dinner with the welcoming group. She asked me what I wrote and I told her about the contract—the first person besides my husband who knew. She jumped up and ran around the table and held me. I still get teary thinking about it.

I have a “shelf” now and an additional career (even a boss who’s read one of my books!). I’ve gotten over the reticence of telling people I write romance novels. I’m proud of it, why not tell everyone.

But part of me is still stunned that it’s happened. A real dream come true. At RWA in Atlanta I was as much of a fan girl meeting writers that I’ve read and whose names are household words – Heather Graham, Jade Lee, Sylvia Day, Darynda Jones and Nora – as anyone. Yes, I’m an introvert and I’d much rather sit in my corner and write (or read) than get out there, but I’m learning to do that too.

Two years . . . thank you all for helping to make this dream come true.

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