Valentine’s Day

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Have to admit this has always been a special day for me and not because of romance – though I do enjoy that. Valentine’s Day was Daddy’s birthday. Since he was without a doubt the best daddy in the world that made the day especially special.

I remember thinking when I was little that it just wasn’t fair that he had to give away presents on his birthday. It was an all-female house so the poor guy was really trapped. I do remember the incredible cards he would buy Momma every year. I guess you would call them pop-ups but they were the most romantic looking cards you’ve ever seen – lacy and delicate. I never did know where he got them, they weren’t in any Hallmark store I ever saw. Sis and I never got that kind but I loved looking at Momma’s. We always got a red heart-shaped box of chocolates. Momma got the chocolate covered Brazil nuts.

valentine old fashion 5I guess I never thought of the man as especially romantic, but he did pull out all the stops out that day.

Since this is a special day for me, I want to give away gifts too – My new short story, Dance Partner was released February 3 and I want to give away a few copies. Just leave me a comment – tell me  what makes the day special for you and be sure to visit all the other Rebel Ink writers.  Stop by to make sure you enter for the grand prizes –

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. This day is special because yesterday was my husband’s birthday. So, he doesn’t have it as bad as your dad. lol! Still, he gets me something the day after his birthday and bless his hearts, we are still recovering from Christmas when his birthday rolls around so some years, he doesn’t get much. Or, he gets a combo, Happy Valentines/Happy birthday gift. And in 33 years of marriage, he has never complained. Then again, he’s a guy’s guy. He wouldn’t complain about something like that, now would he? lol! Shhh. This year, I got him flannel lounge pants for his birthday and a Keurig for Valentine’s. Sadly, snow has delayed delivery of his gift and he thinks I didn’t get him anything but the flannel pants. Shhh. Don’t tell him his big gift is on the way!

  2. Valentine’s Day is special to me because my husband of 18 years always remembers to get me something I like. He might give it to me a few days early but he never misses a Valentine’s Day. The gifts are usually small but come from the heart.

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