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Spent this past weekend at a glorious and elegant family wedding. Though nephew age, he’s actually my first cousin once removed (we have those here in the South) and his mother was my first ever friend, being only a few months apart. I wish the very best for Tim and Stephen as they start their lives together.

It made me think about all the varied weddings I’ve enjoyed over the past twelve months. The first being my son and daughter-in-law, who chose a destination beach wedding (shoes optional). It was small, intimate and perfect for them, with dinner on the beach.

Then a cousin (actually the niece of an uncle, but close enough) who married her high school sweetheart after both of their spouses passed away. The reception was in their backyard overlooking the river and informally elegant. Both in their 70’s now, I’m glad they didn’t opt for a long engagement.

Now this one, large with all the trimmings, dancing and more formal. But each got the perfect wedding for them.

My own wedding, 38 years ago last month, was in the family church with the reception in the fellowship hall – punch and peanuts, but made much more elegant by a cousin (yes, I have tons of them) who catered weddings and brought her silver punch bowl and trays and put those excellent touches around making it the most elegant reception that space had ever seen, until my sister’s wedding where she did it again.  

I can see my niece marrying there, in the family church, but a different kind of reception. Her brother married his husband in a bar across the street from Stonewall in New York. My own daughter, I haven’t a clue. Her career has taken her far from the south and she has her own ideas, which will be classy and totally different than anything I would think of, if and when she decides marriage is right for her.

It really makes this romance writer sit up and think about all the possibilities and how many ways happily ever after can be achieved.

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  1. All these wedding sound wonderful in their own way. I had the wedding my mother always dreamed of and that was fine. I really didn’t care too much – I wanted the marriage, not the wedding and it really made her happy.

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