What a Year!

Time to reflect, right? Well I have to say it’s been incredible for me. Some little things – NC gave us dumb old state workers our first raise in five years (1.2%), survived an election by turning off live TV and getting rid of the landline <g>.

No, it was a good year. La Daughter graduated from college, moved to the big city and got a great job! How cool is that? And El Son will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks that has him very excited. Hubby got a promotion that delayed retirement but he’s challenged and energized – okay at least challenged.

Me? I published three books. THREE! Talk about a dream come true, literally. I’ve written for years, decades to be honest. But I never let anyone read anything I wrote – even Hubby. Then someone slipped something they had read onto the internet and I got a fan letter. After the shock wore off, I dipped my toe in again and ran into the most incredible friends I’d never met. Who knew? People liked what I was writing.

Skip forward and I get the courage to finish up some of the manuscripts that have littered my computer for ages and submit one to Rebel Ink Press. To my heart stopping shock, they liked it and wanted to publish it.  Rth Rising would finally see the light of day. So I sent them a second one – and holy s**t, Learning Trust was out there. The third one, Homecoming, was a departure – not science fiction or paranormal – just a story that came from having to clean out my parents’ house after they were gone. And people are buying and reading them. Part of me is still walking around in a daze.

I have a short story – about a returning Viet Nam veteran coming out in February, Welcome Home, and now two more manuscripts are out there, hoping to be snatched up and shared with someone.

Doubt I’ll ever recreate a year like this, but knowing that it’s even possible, I’m going to keep trying. And thanking all of you – who made it such a success.  Thank you, 2012! Come on 2013 – show me what you got!


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