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Talk about a great weekend. I held my first write-in here at the new condo. Hubby was out of town so it was just us writers, writing. Had some super writers here, you probably heard of some of them – Nancy Lee Badger, Laura Browning, Leslie Ray, and me. Others you will hear of soon.  (Don’t ask what we were laughing about in this pic – it’s rated higher than this blog)

Having never done this before, it was loose but fun. I think next time I’ll plan sprints for the writing. We did get into discussions several times, which might have kept the word count down, but were definitely educational. Some of us are hybrid writers (traditionally published as well as self-published), others were traditionally published only. That led to more than one conversation about the merits of each.

Some of us are planning to go to Nationals this year in Orlando, and discussed previous conferences. Leslie had been to RT and we queried her about that – when it gets close again, I’d like to try it. All of us are in HCRW (Heart of Carolina Romance Writers) so we talked about the chapter and possible future programs as well.

That’s not to say we didn’t write (or edit) all day. I personally wrote 800+ words and I saw a lot of finger movements over the keyboards in the other seats as well.

I am going to do this again – it was inspiring, helpful and just plain fun having such creativity going on in my home. Not to mention I cleaned house for it, so Hubby is going to be all for it as often as possible.

Nancy spent the night to have time to tutor me in some marketing (and we watched a couple of movies I’d never have watched without her – going to call it research – Fifty Shades and Fifty Shades Darker). Hey, like I said, Hubby was out of town! So sue me….

8 thoughts on “Write In!

  1. I was one of the happy writing-campers! I brought a Dark Ages paranormal I’m revising, and jettisoned about 500 words to end up with 700 that satisfied me. Donna provided a wonderful group of writers and all the essential snack-food groups (sweet, salty, crunchy, fizzy, caffeinated. . . .)

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun – having only written when I’m totally alone, I don’t know how much writing I’d do in such atmosphere, but I know I’d enjoy it and learn a lot!

  3. I didn’t look at the word count as I was editing a fantasy prequel I will release soon, but I was happy with the amount of work we did and the wonderful net-working. I learned a lot, and enjoyed Donna’s new home. (and the 2 naughty movies we watched was only research!!!)

  4. Had a fantastic time. Of course, my DH asked, “So did you actually write anything or just talk the whole time?” The answer, of course, is both–and all of it was time well spent. I came back feeling refreshed and motivated.

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