6th of October

Melting 2 The Progression flat

Time to start on The Melting, Book 2 – The Progression.  The official release is October 10, but you’ve got time to read some excerpts before that.  Remember, leave a comment, I’m giving away stuff…

Excerpt 1 – Book 2


Joe Dula shifted in the small space left for him to sit in the back of the loaded minivan as David pulled to a stop. “I got the Verde, that’s green, but I never learned a bunch of languages. What’s Vida?”

David grinned, his hazel eyes less wary now that they had arrived. “Life, green life is what they decided on. They’ve completed a couple more houses since I was here,” David looked around. His smile faded.

“Do you think they’re watching us? What if they don’t want us here? It might not be your friends and they’re afraid to come out.” Amanda looked up and down the row of houses. It was like one side of a street with very eclectic buildings. A log cabin stood beside a geodesic dome beside a house with one wall of glass.

“No one’s here. It’s deserted.”

There were no cars, but that didn’t mean someone wasn’t watching them from inside one of the houses or . . .

“It’s a ghost town.”

“What?” Amanda looked back at Joe, who only shrugged.

“I was hoping someone else would have made it.”

“You can’t be sure.” She was feeling exposed. But none of his friends were emerging to check on visitors. Shit, now the place felt creepy.

David reached for the door handle and she grabbed his arm. “I have to check, Amanda. Maybe I’m wrong.”

That’s what she was afraid of. Until just now the fact that the three of them were totally alone hadn’t really sunk in. Like David, she had imagined this place with people. Even not knowing any of them, she mourned them now.

Amanda tried to shake off the tension. She needed to breathe. There was no movement, no sound. David stepped from the van, his hands out, not over his head, but showing that he was unarmed. “Jerry?” He called.

Amanda jumped at the sound of his voice, but there was no other reaction. She looked back at Joe who shrugged. “Jerry! Stan? Sid? Is anyone here? I’ve brought more supplies.” There was no answer and David moved toward the largest building, a post and beam structure in front of where he had parked. The door was locked, but David moved to the front porch and did something she couldn’t see. He came up with the key and unlocked the door. “Jerry?”

After a quick tour inside he returned and headed to her side of the van. “There’s no one in there.”

“They leave a key under a rock?” She tried for a light tone. No one had attacked him at least.

He gave a small smile then. “No, in one of those little lock-boxes bolted under the railing. I knew the code. Come on inside.”

“What about the other houses?”

“We’ll check all of them.”


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