7th of October

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Excerpt 2 – Book 2

“It’s getting worse,” Celine said as she leaned on the counter next to Vic in the back of the kitchen area.

“What happened?” He looked down at her.

“Same old, but under better cover after that little meeting. The one where everything was tabled. I knew they weren’t going to address anything for real, but damn it!”

“I think Joe and David had the right idea. They knew how dangerous it was for Amanda and them. Taking off was the right thing to do.”

“I wish I’d known they were going, I’d have hitched a ride,” Celine said. “According to Joe, David was a resource we couldn’t afford to lose. I wonder where they went and if we could join them now.”

Vic thought about the book hidden in his room. “I can’t blame them for keeping it a secret. Those guys beat David pretty bad and it would’ve been worse if some of us hadn’t shown up. After they hit Amanda . . . Wish I’d been there for that. They wouldn’t have to worry about solid food ever again.”

Celine looked up at him. “Where would you go?”

“Me? Good question. I’ve lived in Atlanta since I was a kid. I suppose some place warm, Florida, Texas.”

“Too warm and there’re hurricanes, which aren’t going to be announced in advance anymore.”

“Well where would be safe? They’ve got earthquakes in the west, tornados in the middle, snow in the north.”

“So Tennessee maybe. Not too close to the ocean, no earthquakes.” She shrugged. “I’ve never thought about it either, but maybe we should.”

He looked at her for a long moment. “Do you want to leave?”

“Yeah, I think I do. If there was a bunch of us, you know, enough to help each other. If we could build a community, hell yes. When’s the last time one those society ladies came down here to help in the kitchen? After the first couple of times, they always had something else to do. One of them honest to God asked Brenda to look after her kids. What, she was going shopping or something? I did hear they tried to work on menus with Lorene.” She laughed. “I wish I’d been there to see that.”

Vic chuckled with her. “That would have been good. Don’t suppose they came back for a second dose?”

“No way.” She straightened up. “Seriously, do you want to do this?”

“Yeah, I think we should float the idea anyway. It’s gonna get worse here. Maybe they have food for a while, and lights as long as they keep those generators working, but I’m already tired of being a second-class citizen. I didn’t vote for any of them and don’t want to shine their boots now. We’re gonna have to be real discreet if we want to pull something like this off.”

Celine nodded. “I’ll see what part of the country looks hospitable.”

“And I’ll see if I can feel out some of the others without giving too much away.” She started for the door but he touched her arm, not grabbing her. “Did something happen?”

She didn’t turn back to face him. “They like to touch now. There aren’t enough high-class white women to go around. For some things, it’s okay to slum.”

“Not enough women? Another thing Amanda warned them about. Between David and her, we lost a lot when they had to escape. Who was it?”

“Does it matter?”


The look on his face made her look down, but then she met his eyes. “One of the senators from one of the Carolinas, I don’t know which, is preaching the old ways should be back. Nash is his name. This is the wrath of God upon us for allowing women to walk upright and accepting gays and all that shit.”

“He’s a minister?”

“No. He doesn’t minister to anyone but himself, he’s a preacher.” Celine’s look said it all. “Anyone that can get Lorene to think a Bible-thumper is full of it must be doing something wrong. I think his daddy was one of those big TV preachers, so he knows the drill. I need to get back to work.”


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