Adventures in Shopping

Hubby and I went shopping for a new couch. We don’t buy stuff like that often or lightly so it was an adventure. Trekked down to Furnitureland South in Jamestown, NC. Now that is one amazing furniture store.  The iconic dresser in the picture below is more than three stories high.

Can’t tell you how many buildings were there, we were only in one. But it was acres and acres of showrooms. You actually need a guide to find things.  There is a Starbucks and a cafeteria because people take days to shop there. If you have a problem making decisions, stay very far away.

But I grew up around furniture manufacturing. Lived near Lenior when I was younger – where most of the furniture I’d ever heard of was made – Broyhill, Hickory White, Kincaid, Thomasville, Bernhardt.  My brother-in-law was plant engineer for Broyhill 6 for thirty years until they closed.

The couch I bought will be made in North Carolina, so I know it will be made right.

If you’re in the mode for furniture shopping – check it out Furnitureland South


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