Snow Day!

First, let me say I know I do not deserve a snow day.  I had a wonderful, long Christmas break, then took a week off to celebrate Second Christmas with La Daughter when she came, but…

They’re calling for snow tonight and tomorrow! (Skipping with glee around the office)

I want it.

I want it bad.

Think about it, a four day holiday and time to work on my edits for Wraith’s Heart and get some traction on Alien Beginnings (working title only).  A day when I know I don’t have to go outside for any reason. I can pull the shawl off the back of the chair and put it around my shoulders (or feet) and be snug and productive at the same time.

As a kid in school I always wanted a snow day. Back then we had them fairly often even this far south. Now they’re so scarce the TV goes crazy with the possibility and bread and milk disappear days in advance instead of hours.  Aside – I’ll always wonder what people do with all that bread and milk anyway.  Even in my memory we were never snowed in – that is really snowed in where you couldn’t get out – for twenty-four whole hours.

Also as a kid I was under the impression that teachers hated snow days because you missed a day of learning and it had to be made up.  It never occurred to me that teachers and other adults wanted a snow day as bad as I did. Then my sister became a school teacher.  The truth is out – the teachers want them a lot more than the kids!! I know Sis is probably making sacrifices to the snow gods as I type.  I’d help her if I wasn’t at work.

What would you do with a beautiful, get-out-of-jail free snow day?

Oh yeah….  (Pics from the blizzard in NYC in Dec 2009)

This morning! 1/18 –

3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Donna – I’m as giddy as you are. The thought of four straight days of glorious writing. I’d be skipping, too if I wasn’t at work. I, too, had a nice long two week holiday break. But I want more!

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