Cancun Wedding

Check out the view from our balcony

balcony view 1                    balcony view 2

What a wonderful trip – my son married the most wonderful woman so I now have two beautiful, incredible daughters. It was a beautiful ceremony on the beach with old friends and family. (Check out the pics!) My sis and most of her family were there and I got to catch up with friends of my son that I’ve known since they were eleven! Now they’re in their thirties and married – did not see that coming all those years ago.

steele at wedding    Sean's friends                          waiting for Sean  La Daughter

The resort – Dreams Sands in Cancun – was wonderful. Talk about all-inclusive, food, drinks, a pool with a bar, an infinity pool and entertainment every night. One-night a circus, one-night breakdancing, zumba classes on the beach, water aerobics, and so on.

shade on the beach                       infinity pool 2

infinity pool 1                         cooking on the beach

The food – six restaurants – French, Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean, Mexican, as well as a buffet, a grill, sushi, and sometimes cooking on the beach. And free flowing alcohol served everywhere. I’m hoping the calories were removed first but I fear not.

Now it was hot but the day of the wedding on the beach wasn’t too bad. It got hotter the next day and if 100% humidity is raining, it was 99% the last couple of days. Think it would be perfect for me in November or March. Fortunately they provided the neatest shady areas.

Had such a wonderful time – gotta set a book at this place….

me in Cancun


**One mini rant (feel free to skip nothing to do with the wedding or resort) I understand why first class passengers board a plane first and I’m fine with that – let them get liquored up while us serfs board, but after they’re seated for goodness sake start filling the plane from the back. I know that’s logical and efficient therefore “wrong” but think about it…. Okay resume your regular reading**


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