Halfway Moved

Okay, we’re out of the house, living temporarily in a one-bedroom apartment while the new place is under construction. It’s a good problem, the house is sold and the apartment is quite nice if small. Thank goodness Hubby and I like each other.  box es 3 bedroom 081116

But where is my stuff? We have some here in the apartment (unorganized but here) some in our storage facility and some in the movers storage facility. Now I was smart enough to lay aside what I needed for the wedding next week – yep while all this is going on my son and his lovely fiancée are getting married next Saturday in Cancun. Think cooling breeze for me!

boxes 3 office  081116But I want to get back to writing. I’m beginning to think I’ve forgotten how! Not really, but I have done more editing than writing the last few weeks (and reading, tons of reading because I need to escape).

Possibly tomorrow I’ll have some “me time” while Hubby gets the car serviced, but Tuesday is closing day on the house and getting my hair cut for the wedding and mani-pedi day. I can use the coddling but my routine is calling out for me and I miss it so.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll read what I already have out there and know that I’ll be back soon. Another Time  is scheduled to release in October and I have some others in the works. Stop by and say hi – perf5.000x8.000.inddencouragement encouraged! And thanks for hanging in there with me!

Check it out!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Momma (would have been 97 today) and La Daughter, (who’ll be 27 tomorrow!!)

2 thoughts on “Halfway Moved

  1. Great strides have been made! Breathe- enjoy next weekend- and think of all the material you are accumulating for new novels! embrace your new Japanese minimalist lifestyle – soak up the island breezes- love the family and grandson- this is a retreat! And soon November will unfold for joy of writing!

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